2 dyoks – si pader at si mader

Joke #1: Green minded na madre Madre: Father, ang lamig no? Father: Oo nga eh. Gusto mo gawin natin yung ginagawa ng mag-asawa kapag nilalamig sila? Madre: Sige, sige (kinikilig) Father: Sige, pagtimpla mo ko ng kape!?! Joke #2: Bakit ka nagpari? Madre: Father, ang gwapo-gwapo mo naman bakit ka nagpari? pari: eh yung nanay […]

The Going Rate

A priest is hearing confessions one afternoon when he  has to go to the bathroom. He calls janitor over to take his place. The janitor resists saying he  isn’t a Catholic or a priest and will not know what to say. The priest assures him that everything will be fine if he just follows the […]

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