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Filipinos have a great sense of humor ...

They always find time to exchange a joke or two, or weave an amusing story.

To understand Filipino jokes ("Pinoy jokes"), one needs a knowledge of the Filipino language, the different social, economic, geographical, and political systems in the Philippines. A little knowledge of Philippine history will help. But an understanding of the Filipino values and aspirations is certainly an advantage.

Aside from being amusing, Pinoy jokes reflect the Filipinos' ability to adapt to changing times. Pinoy jokes also demonstrate the Filipino way of looking at things: to make fun out of our own misfortunes.  "Why worry? Be happy!"

This is what we learned in running "Kiko Around the World."  on the emanila website in 1998. In the almost 18 months Kiko had been running around, we've received countless entries.

The genre of jokes submitted is varied. Some are corny. Some, subtle. And some are rude. (Sabi nga nila, BASTOS!!!) But, mind you, some are really really funny, brilliant, witty and excellent. Very amusing.

In all, they show the Filipinos' skills in story-telling and improvisation.  One look at this site's "Ano sa ...?" Fun Lines" section will give you an idea what we mean. Or perhaps, "Quips and Stories" ?

Are these jokes original? After a joke has been told and re-told, who can tell what is an original or a copy? Jokes and quips are meant for fun! That's what matters most.

So, enjoy! To enjoy the jokes in this Web site, especially when alone and online, let that part of you come out. You know, that part that makes life more fun and bearable - your sense of humor.


January 2000

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